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As the O.R.T.A. acronym indicates, we seek Outstanding, Resilient, Technical, Athletic women soccer players whose technical and tactical level is elite.  We seek primarily (i) NCAA women soccer players, especially those who wish to leave school early to play professional soccer and (ii) elite-level youth (female) soccer players whom are 16 years and older whom wish to forego NCAA college soccer in order to become professional soccer players.  

There is a membership fee to participate in the Academy, but, via our unncanny business model, we invest in your training and continued development as a soccer player.  And, if you complete our (i) 3-month training program for professional women soccer players OR our (ii) 6-month training program for elite-level youth (female) soccer players, we guarantee placement in a European soccer club.  Qualifying players will be placed in European soccer clubs in which they are a good fit. 



We have two training programs, one for professional women soccer players (a 3-month program) and one for elite-level youth (female) soccer players (a 6-month program).  After completing our training programs, our players will be placed in European soccer clubs by the Academy or its sister company, RAC Elite Soccer Services, Inc., which is the fastest growing soccer agency in the U.S.  (The O.R.T.A. Pro Soccer Academy is a subsidiary of RAC Elite Soccer Services.) The Academy provides guaranteed placement in top-level European soccer clubs for any player who completes one of our programs.  Players will be placed in European soccer clubs in which such player will be a good fit. We have strong relationships with general managers/coaches of European soccer clubs, especially in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Holland.

Team Placement


We improve your fundamentals, repetitively working on, among other things: (i) honing a player's first-touch; (ii) perfecting technique in dribbling, shielding, trapping, passing, chipping, heading, and shooting (for all players); (iii) sharpening the accuracy of shooting/finishing (for forwards); (iv) strengthening the field-vision and passing accuracy of players (for midfielders); and (v) teaching lateral movement and practicing cover, cutting angles, and other defensive skills (for defenders).



We ameliorate your soccer acumen (or soccer IQ) by teaching strategic concepts in small-sided games, such as (i) how to create 1v1 match-ups, (ii) how to exploit a 2v1, 3v2 or 4v3 (overload) situations to create goal-scoring opportunities, (iii) understanding the difference between a 3v3 and a 4v4 in light of the offensive/defensive principles of play; (iv) how to counter-attack and defend the same, and (v) how to press as a team, etc.  

Technical Training
Tactical Training


We emphasize fitness-training in our programs and train our Academy players using heart-rate monitors during a 60-day period, focusing on: (i) improving their aerobic endurance (initial 30 days); (ii) enhancing their anaerobic endurance and their speed and agility (ensuing 30 days); and (iii) honing each of their metabolic pathways to ameliorate their energy reserves in situations of fatigue and, consequently, their overall endurance. Our players are among the fittest players in European women's soccer.

Fitness Training


We not only supervise our players when they play abroad, but we ameliorate their performance by giving them feedback from games observed and by studying film with them to correct mistakes.  We especially do this with our youth players.

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